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As Build & Drafting

As Builds, the forgotten art; years ago large drafting offices existing purely to record and maintain accurate plant records. These days it's almost an after thought with the job of recording new installations falling to mostly untrained construction workers. The quality and accuracy of  their work varying enormously which has lead to a general distrust of  service plans and an increase costs in  identifying obstructions. All installations carrying out by Pulse Networks are recorded by  trained staff who know their chainage from their offsets. We provide AutoCAD records on a GIS Landbase which can be electronically uploaded to the clients own GIS system.

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GPS As Builds are provided for larger projects or upon request but for the most part we rely on good old fashion kerb and boundary offsets which can easily be read by the non GPS equipped contractor.

Pulse Networks provides a full drafting service from field recording thru to CAD drafting. We can convert manual drawings or recordings to CAD and carry out retrospective as building using tracer wire and cable locators.